"A designer is a scheduler with aesthetic sense"

Bruno Murani



Laura Aparicio

From an early age he showed interest in fashion, making the result visible today. Laura is inspired by the silhouettes, architecture and environment of South

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Hernán Zajar

By using vibrant, uncommon colors like fuchsia, bright oranges, yellows, or turquoise, every piece manages to have a unique balance of elements.

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Each distinctive piece shows the strength put into helping keep traditions alive, and the value of family and land; their work is in collaboration with

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Lina Cantillo

She has revolutionized contemporary masculine design by using European elements with a unique twist to make them stand out. Her life is what inspires her

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Flor Amazona

Ana María Sarmiento mixes contemporary jewellery with indigenous concepts to bring Latin luxury to the world. Her work highlights the magic of Colombian design, and

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Inspired by the legacy of ancestral traditions, the pieces highlight the collaboration with artisans. Every item is an expression of authenticity.

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A swimsuit and summer accessories brand. Manuela Botero and her two associates, Maria Victoria Linares and Manuela Restrepo, create specific shapes to highlight any and

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Lina Osorio

Hat designs inspired by Colombian traditions and cultures. She absorbs the knowledge that artisans supply her with and gives it a creative contemporary twist that’s

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Our Values

Latin Curated, aims to promote and generate sales opportunities for designers, through business contacts and networking environment. For us it is important that each brand that works with us has a sustainable model in its DNA and helps the community. For each purchase you make, you contribute to the well-being of a Latin American indigenous and artisan community. Promoting the implementation of environmentally friendly raw material, guaranteeing the correct use and protection of natural resources.

Satisfecho o devoluciones

Each brand has a return policy for each of its products, the reasons why it can be returned and the return time, will be specified in the purchase details.

Customer service

We are here to help you if you have any questions, do not forget that you can contact us at the following email info@latin-curated.com. How do I know if my order has been confirmed? To find out if your order has been placed, you can check an email confirming your order. What are your shipping rates and shipping time? For national shipments we have a rate of 30,000 Colombian pesos and as soon as we receive your purchase and payment confirmation, we will be dispatching your order if that is the case. For international shipments, an average will be made and the consumer will be responsible for bearing the costs.


Shipments are made by Latin Curated. However, each brand has a stock and time available for each of its pieces, whether they are pre-order or immediate delivery. All our national and international shipments are made by DHL, our partner logistics company.